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Dental care in Cats

Dental care in Cats

It is becoming increasingly recognized that animals need their teeth brushed too! It should not really be surprising that many cats need dental attention by the age of 8 years when you consider the artificial texture of the diets they are fed. Unfortunately, unlike us, animals need a general anaesthetic every time their teeth need attention and any one animal may need several treatments over a lifetime if the owner is unable or unwilling to brush the teeth. A dental for an older animal can be quite a costly procedure particularly if special anaesthetics and blood tests are requested, so prevention is better than cure! Any soft toothbrush can be used but cat toothpaste is essential.

Other products available to help prevent dental disease include –

Vet aquadent – a palatable drinking water additive containing chlorohexidine and xylitol to help fight your pet’s bad breath and dental plaque.

C.E.T. Chews – Highly palatable chews that combine the mechanical cleaning action with the activity of the C.E.T. system (an enzymatic action which activates and enhances the natural defence mechanisms of the mouth).

Plaque Off – A completely natural product containing a special type of seaweed which has been discovered to have specific beneficial effects for oral care.

Dental toys – Specifically designed dental chew toys reduce the build up of plaque.


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