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Fireworks seasons brings stress for pets and owners

Pet owners may not realise that some of the behaviours their pet exhibits to loud, unexpected noises can be stress related and there are ways the owner can make firework season more bearable.

The top five stress signs to look out for are: an animal yawning and licking its lips, or appearing agitated and restless; destructive behaviour towards household items; trying to dig or get under furniture and cushions; wanting extra attention; and constant whining, barking or meowing.

This practice is advising owners to:

  • Allow the animal to hide wherever it wants to be, making a den can really help. You also need to make sure the den is always accessible
  • Don't get upset or shout, instead give your animal fuss only when it relaxes, try to stay calm and act normally.
  • Always close all the windows and doors, block off cat flaps
  • Keep your pet indoors and close the curtains, try to stay in quieter rooms – ones with smaller windows, carpeted floors etc to reduce noise
  • Play music or put on the TV as this helps distract from firework noise. Music with a constant beat is best.
  • Always ensure your pet is wearing some form of easily readable identification
  • Never take your dog to a fireworks display or walk it when they are going off
  • If possible, try to bring hutches and cages inside or cover them with a heavy blanket to reduce noise and light Give smaller pets (rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) extra bedding so that they can burrow and feel safer

We have a number of products available to help reduce stress

DAP and Feliway diffusers – ‘plug ins’ which convey a message of well-being and calm, also available as a spray. DAP available also as a collar (dogs only)

Skullcap and Valerian tablets – a herbal remedy for generally calming and relaxing nervous or hyperactive animals

Anxiety liquid – a homeopathic remedy designed to promote a sense of calm in animals exhibiting fear, fretting or anxiety


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